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import hvplot.xarray  # noqa
import xarray as xr

ds = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('rasm')
<xarray.Dataset> Size: 17MB
Dimensions:  (time: 36, y: 205, x: 275)
  * time     (time) object 288B 1980-09-16 12:00:00 ... 1983-08-17 00:00:00
    xc       (y, x) float64 451kB ...
    yc       (y, x) float64 451kB ...
Dimensions without coordinates: y, x
Data variables:
    Tair     (time, y, x) float64 16MB ...
    title:                     /workspace/jhamman/processed/R1002RBRxaaa01a/l...
    institution:               U.W.
    source:                    RACM R1002RBRxaaa01a
    output_frequency:          daily
    output_mode:               averaged
    convention:                CF-1.4
    references:                Based on the initial model of Liang et al., 19...
    comment:                   Output from the Variable Infiltration Capacity...
    nco_openmp_thread_number:  1
    NCO:                       netCDF Operators version 4.7.9 (Homepage = htt...
    history:                   Fri Aug  7 17:57:38 2020: ncatted -a bounds,,d...

quadmesh can be slower that image, but it allows you to plot values on an irregular grid by representing each value as a polygon.

ds.Tair.hvplot.quadmesh(x='xc', y='yc', geo=True, widget_location='bottom')