hvPlot 0.10 has just been released! Checkout the blog post and support hvPlot by giving it a 🌟 on Github.


Latest release

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Python support

hvPlot supports Python 3.8 and above on Linux, Windows, or Mac. hvPlot can be installed with conda:

conda install hvplot

or with pip:

pip install hvplot

For versions of jupyterlab>=3.0 the necessary extension is automatically bundled in the pyviz_comms package, which must be >=2.0. However note that for version of jupyterlab<3.0 you must also manually install the JupyterLab extension with:

conda install jupyterlab
jupyter labextension install @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz

To run the guides in this site create an environment with the required dependencies:

conda create -n hvplot-env -c conda-forge -c nodefaults hvplot geoviews datashader xarray pandas geopandas dask streamz networkx intake intake-xarray intake-parquet s3fs scipy spatialpandas pooch rasterio fiona plotly matplotlib jupyterlab